12 Months Interest Finance

We’ve teamed up with Q Card to offer more than a traditional credit card can. Combining the benefits of a credit card with no interest and access to thousands of NZ retailers, it’s the perfect shopping partner.

Applying Is Easy

We can take you through the application process right in the store. We'll login to Q Card's website, ask some questions, submit your application, then Q Card will check your credit and instantly gives us a credit limit. Takes 10-15 minutes.

Otherwise, if you know you're buying soon, you can apply at home for a pre-approved credit limit and simply have your Driver Licence ID in-hand when you come into the store.

Apply for financing through Q Card.

Please email or call us if you have any questions.


*12 months interest-free is available on Q Card Flexi Payment Plans. Minimum purchase amount of $299 is required. A $55 Establishment Fee for new Q Cardholders and a $35 Advance Fee for existing Q Cardholders will apply. Account Fee may apply. Minimum payments of 3% of the monthly closing balance or $10 (whichever is greater) are required throughout the interest-free period. Paying only the minimum monthly payments will not fully repay the loan before the end of the interest-free period. Q Card Standard Interest Rate applies to any outstanding balance at the expiry of the interest-free period. Q Card lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Excludes online purchases.