Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions

The period of demo will be deemed to have commenced once the equipment has left the premises of Pushbikes, and will terminate on the date specified in the agreement between Pushbikes and hirer. Once the period of the demo has expired, all equipment is to be returned to the premises of Pushbikes immediately. Should equipment be returned late or not at all, charges will apply.

Additional charges

Pushbikes may claim charges against the hirer if:

Equipment is not returned on or by the date of termination, in which case the hirer will be charged until the equipment has been returned.

Equipment is returned damaged, or in poorer condition than it was when it left the premises of Pushbikes, in which case the hirer will be charged the total cost of repairs to the equipment.

The equipment is returned dirty, in which case a cleaning fee will be charged.

Pushbikes are made to collect the equipment, in which case the hirer will be charged for any costs incurred by Pushbikes subsequently.

Delivery and removal of equipment

The hirer authorizes Pushbikes and/or their employees to access his property in order to remove equipment.

Care of equipment

The hirer agrees that he/she is competent and will use the equipment in the way it was designed to be used, making note to the Christchurch Bike Park.

The hirer agrees that the use of the equipment and the purpose of this contract is for the benefit of them trying before purchase, it is not for the hirer to use in an event or race, or pass onto another party.

Should the hirer fail to use the equipment in the proper way, he/she shall be liable for reimbursement to the owner of any costs incurred subsequently.

Pushbikes are not liable for any losses, monetary or otherwise, incurred by the hirer due to the breakdown of the equipment while it is in the hirer’s possession.

Damage to hirer, third person(s), or property

No claim can be made to Pushbikes for any loss or damages suffered by the hirer during the use of any equipment.

Pushbikes is indemnified against any claims for damages suffered by third persons with regards to any loss, injury, damage, or other liability resulting from the hirer’s use of equipment.

Damage Waiver

The term ‘damage’, when used at any stage within these terms and conditions refers to but is not exclusive to the following.

Any incidental damage requiring minor repair.

Any loss or theft of equipment, in which case the hirer must immediately notify the owner and also the police.

Any damage which occurs as the result of fire, earthquake, storm, or other natural event.

Any damage which occurs as the result of third party accident or interference.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

In accepting the hired equipment, the hirer will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.