Trade in your Bike

Trade in your bike

Buying a new bike is an exciting experience. It can involve hours of online research, reading reviews, talking to friends and possibly even some test riding. Then finally, you've reached your decision...but you still need to sell your current bike before you can afford to upgrade.

Eliminate the hassle of selling your bike privately with our trade-in program. Recently 'Richard Win' used our trade-in service when he upgraded to his new Giant Trance Advanced 0. Here's what he had to say about his experience.

Richard Win

The process was really simple, bring my old bike in, have it checked, and Pushbikes worked out a fair trade. For me, the ease of doing a trade in and not having the hassle of selling privately was an added bonus in purchasing my new Giant Trance.

If you're thinking of upgrading, have a chat with the guys at Pushbikes. The trade in option, plus great service and advice, will have me going back when I decide it's time to upgrade again.

You'll need to bring your bike in-store for an assessment. We'll then tell 3 things, the condition that it's in, the value of the bike if you're wanting to sell this privately yourself, and finally our trade-in offer.