What to Carry in Your Bag

We're frequently asked what tools people should be carrying while riding, and more often than not see people carrying inadequate gear to support them. Below is a list of the minimum amount of gear that should be on you at all times when riding, allowing you to be self-sufficient if the need arises.

We also need to point out at this stage that not only will you need to carry these, but you will also need to know how to use them. It’s pointless carrying a chain breaker and spare link when you have no idea how to fix your chain.


  • Pump – for obviously reasons to inflate your tyre
  • Tube – spare tube for you bike (make sure you have the correct size)
  • Tyre Levers – to aid in removing the tyre if you get a flat
  • Patch kit – for a backup if you get a secondary puncture which can be doubled up for use if you cut your tyre.
  • Multi tool including chain breaker – for adjusting your bike. Multi tools come with a selection of allen keys, torx drivers, screwdrivers and more for you to either use adjusting your bike or if anything comes loose. Your multi tool should include a chain breaker so you can repair a broken chain, very important.
  • Spare chain link – to repair you chain if broken. You will need to ensure this is the correct size for your drivetrain.
  • Money – if you really get in trouble, need a coffee, want to shout your riding buddy a beer or even to use as a tyre boot.
  • Phone – so you can call your loved ones to tell them of any delays or if you need help.

As well as the tools listed you’ll need to think about how you’re going to carry them on your bike, there are really two options for this,

  • Seat Bag – you can fit the above into a tidy bag mounted under the seat and out of the way. Your pump would include a bracket which can be mounted from the drink bottle mounts and will set underneath your bottle cage. If you’re using a dropper post a seat bag will not work, and some full suspension frames don’t have drink bottle bolts meaning you’ll need to opt for option 2.
  • Backpack – which come in all different sizes to suit your needs and also an option of back protection if needed. A back pack will also come with a bladder which allows you to carry water making this a better option for the trails.

We hold beginners bike maintenance courses at Pushbikes for a minimal fee of $20 which will over the course of an hour and a half show you how to change or fix a flat tyre correctly, repair you chain – and yes you will hands on fix a broken chain and talk through general maintenance. A must for those getting into the sport or those already out their who need to brush up on their skills.

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