The Team

Dehan Swart - Papanui Sales

Dehan Swart

Dehan joined our team at the Papanui store mid-2016, previously working at a packing company. Needless to say, he is loving the change. He loves riding, mountain biking in particular and more so making sure his bike is clean and has all the latest gear and technology. He's also passionate about his car, again this is kept in immaculate condition. Dehan enjoys dealing with people and is our main man for sales at the Papanui store. He's originally from South Africa, but we won't hold that against him.

Mitch Tawera - Rangiora Sales

Mitch is our gentle giant, if you've met him you'll understand that. He is our main point of contact for sales at the Rangiora store. He's passionate about cycling, so much so he doesn't even own a car and rides his bike everywhere. Mitch also competes, taking part in the Contact Epic, Deans Bank 10 hour, McLeans Island 12 hour and the Rakahui Rage to name a few. Surfing is his other passion, having previously worked at Amazon Surf and Skate. Mitch has many bikes, most recently purchasing a Giant XTC Advanced 2 29er.

Dave Molloy - Rangiora Mechanic

Dave has been working at Pushbikes for 7 years! Our longest surviving staff member. He's been working miracles in our Rangiora workshop for the past few years, before this, he was managing one of our stores in the city. Dave has been involved in the industry practically his whole life and has amazing knowledge and information. Did I mention he's Irish, Guinness is what goes down well if you're wanting a favour... Dave is riding an array of bikes, a new Giant Trance 2 is the latest addition to the fleet.

Andrew Ward - Papanui Mechanic

 Andrew Ward

Andrew is fairly new to Pushbikes, joining the team late 2016 as a mechanic situated at our Papanui store. He's been around bikes practically his whole working life (given he's only 21), both working in the industry, riding and racing. He loves mechanics, fixing not only bikes, needless to say, he's talented with his hands. Andrew also rides and races a motorbike, and helps out with a truck racing team. Andrew has just bought himself a Rocky Mountain Slayer which he is loving!

Günthar Rowe - Papanui Manager

Gunthar has wealth of knowledge, coming from a background in adventure tourism, B2B business support and has previous experience in the bike industry overseas. He's passionate, full of energy, loves talking, and sometimes rides his bike 2-3 times on his days off. This year Gunthar has purchased a Rocky Mountain Element 950 RSL, with future plans on competing in the Pioneer MTB race. Gunthar is managing the Papanui store, after spending a year at our Rangiora location.

Grant Lyon - Rangiora Manager

Grant Lyon

Grant has just moved to North Canterbury and is looking after our store Rangiora store. He is no newbie to bikes, having owned his own business 'Alexandra Cycle World' for 9 years. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from this, not to mention all the riding he's done. Grant rides both mountain and road, having just purchased a new Giant Trance Advanced 1. He's also recently acquired a taste for riding horses...?!

Richard Allin - Owner

Richard Allin

Richard oversees the day to day operation on Pushbikes, handles marketing, and works on the floor at the Papanui store. Richard's spent over 20 years working in the industry, 17 of which have been at Pushbikes after he opened this in 2001. Richard says he doesn't ride his bike enough but runs most mornings. He isn't training for anything, just 'life'. He also consults to the NZ Business Mentors, so is busy. Richard owns a lot of bikes, 1000+ of them as he says, but is currently riding a Giant Trance 1 and TCX cyclocross bike.