E-Bikes: More Power To Pedal Power

E-Bikes: More Power To Pedal Power

Many of the Giant electric bikes on NZ roads and pathways, not to mention mountain bike trails, have been sold by us. We’re one of the largest suppliers of e-bikes in the country, and with Giant being such a popular brand, it’s little surprise that Pushbikes is responsible for so many happy riders. 

A lot of those riders use their electric bikes like other people use their cars. They’ve become a reliable and efficient form of transport for them - and for some, an electric bike has become their primary mode of commuter transport. They’re leaving their cars at home or selling their vehicles altogether and jumping on their e-bike. An interesting snippet we read on the Gen Less website gave us a big clue as to why this is. 

Gen Less is supported by New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, which is a government agency that aims to make Kiwis world leaders in clean and clever energy use. Transport and its associated emissions are obviously areas they’re most interested in, and that is why they gave us this nugget of info:

The average one-way car trip to work for New Zealanders is 10.7 kilometres. Most people on an electric bike can cruise this distance in only 25 minutes. With a battery-powered motor, the cyclist can still enjoy the many health benefits associated with pedalling but hills, headwinds, and carrying extra loads are so much easier. 

Meanwhile, the Christchurch City Council claims on their website that cycling is often the quickest way to get around for journeys of less than five kilometres! Food for thought, isn’t it? But when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Traffic jams are not an issue when you can continue to make progress along the side of the road on your bike or cycle unimpeded on one of the nation’s ever-growing network of pathways. Even if you get off your bike and walk the final part of your journey through town, you’re still likely to make more progress than all that bumper to bumper traffic. 

Think too about the money they save on often exorbitant parking fees and the feel-good factor associated with regular exercise and the positive impact they’re having on the environment. It’s now easier to see why people are saying no to cars, and yes to electric bikes, including the best-selling Giant brand. Care to join them and give more power to pedal power? Then contact us and we’ll talk you through our range.  

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