Honest Bike Pricing

Bobby Ketchum | Friday, 31 October 2014

The bike industry is a tough one, with super thin margins (particularly on the bikes themselves) and retailers are looking for ways to get customer's attention. Over the past couple of years, retail has seen the trend of year-round, half price, storewide sales with artificially high RRPs. Briscoes is the best example of it. Customers are increasingly choosing items based on some advertised discount. Of course, it's all an illusion.

One of the big bike shops in town (let's just call them "Bike Farm Building") has based their entire business around year-round half price sales. "1/2 PRICE STOREWIDE" in big fat letters sure does get people's attention. But this isn't the kitchen scissors and bath towels business. We're in the bike industry because we love bikes and sell bikes to people who love bikes. Inflated RRPs, fake sales and trickery have that unfortunate, tacky used car salesman vibe.

No comb-overs here. Our prices listed are the same as Giant's website. Then, we offer our own Customer Club discount of 10% off of that.

A few comparisons.
Note: Prices from Sunday Star Times ad, page B7, October 26, 2014.


Sport MTB

Left: Merida Big Seven 300 at Bike Farm Building "was" $1799, now $899.
Right: Giant Talon 3 is $929 RRP. Pushbikes Customer Club price is $836.


Similar spec. 27.5" wheels, same brakes, similiar drivetrain. Bike Farm Building's "sale price" is very close to Giant's published RRP and then our Customer Club makes it the better deal.



Left: Bike Farm Building's Kona Process 153 DL "was" $10999, now $5499.
Right: Giant Reign 1 is $5999 RRP. Pushbikes Customer Club price is $5399.


27.5" wheels, same fork and shock, SRAM X1 11-speed drivetrains. Nice bikes, but the Kona is clearly not a $11k bike and again we're seeing that our Customer Club's modest 10% off is actually the better deal.


Entry-level FS

Left: Merida One Twenty 7 500 at BFB "was" $3499, magically now $1749.
Right: Giant Stance 2 $1799 RRP. Pushbikes Customer Club price is $1619.


SR Suntour fork on a $3499 bike? Come on. Anywho, you get the point.

We just wanted to take a couple minutes to talk about some of the trickery out there. The bike business ain't easy, especially for smaller independent shops like Pushbikes, but honesty in pricing is important to us.