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Giant Propel Advanced SL0Team Belkin has headed into the first rest day of the Tour de France with a rider in the top three and two in the top four - Bauke Mollema 3rd, Laurens Ten Dam 4th. The team has chosen to ride Giant’s new aero road bike the Propel, both in the hills as well as on the flat. This demonstrates the Propels all round versatility.

We’ve decked out one of Team Belkins Propel Advanced SL0 (in the blue colour) with a set of Lightweight Meilenstein tubulars, bringing the weight to just 6.17kg! The stock version hits the scales at 7.02kg. The Lightweight Meilenstein Tubular is the stiffest wheel in the Lightweight range - a perfect all-round wheelset, equally at home on the road, in the mountains and in road racing. The wheelset hits the scales at just 1kg, but does add a further $5500 to the bike.

Giant have gone as far as challenging Specialized to test the new Propel against the claims of the Venge S-Works Di2, saying “ Let’s see which bike truly is the most aero….once and for all. You pick the time, we’ll bring our bike. Do you accept?” Specialized have failed to respond, obviously a sign of defeat from Specialized. You can read the facebook post here.

Bikeradar has also just reviewed the Propel SL3 model which isn’t available in NZ this season, and they rated it!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the tour.

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