Shimano M200 Review

We recently moved to Shimano as our primary supplier of road and MTB shoes. They've been making SPD pedals and shoes for 25 years and offer a complete range in a variety of prices and options. Their M200 is the trail/enduro shoe with features for the more gravity minded crowd. I recently got a pair for myself and have been riding them for a month. Here's a quick review.


My initial impression was really good as they fit as expected. I usually wear a size 43 and these 43's fit perfectly. As far as we can tell, Shimano sizing is pretty standard, unless you have wide hobbit feet.

The lacing system is nice and simple. With laces that pull the front of the shoe tight and evenly with a single fastener, they're covered with a velcro flap to keep junk out. The main buckle keeps the shoe snug and is easy to adjust while on the bike.

A couple months later, they still feel great. They're secure around the rear and mid-foot, but leave room for my toes to move around, which is nice on hot summer days. They're honestly the best fitting shoe I've had.


One of my favourite things about these shoes is the high inner part that protects your ankles. I was always banging my ankles against the chainstays with my previous shoes.

Next would be the venting. The front of the shoes breathe really well, which was immediately noticeable on the first ride. Wiggling your toes with some fresh air through the shoes feels nice.

The soles are stiff yet flexible with some technology that lets the back of the sole flex, for balance and control, while the front remains stiff for pedalling. Shimano calls it TORBAL. Cool. Basically, they feel stiff without feeling like you have a plank of wood strapped to your feet.


I got these "army green" ones on special. The guys in the shop think they look ridiculous, but I think they look sweet. We'll be stocking the black ones for people not keen on the high-vis hunter look.


Fit as expected.
Good ventilation.
Good ankle protection.

If you need some new trail shoes, give these a try. I like mine a lot.

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