A Matter Of Maintenance

A Matter Of Maintenance

Bikes are like any other machine. Regular maintenance is needed to keep them working as they should. But how often should you get your bike serviced? That depends on how often you use your bike. If you take it out of the shed only occasionally, then a complete service every 12 months should be fine, with a minor check-up recommended at the start of each season. 

If you ride every day, either for pleasure or as a commuter, then more frequent maintenance and servicing will be required. Every three to six months is ideal, especially if you use your bike as your main mode of transport to get to work. And frequent inspections and maintenance are also required if you often ride through rain, sand, mud and dust, as well as on challenging trails.

If you live in the Canterbury region, you’re lucky! You can bring your bike to our shops in Christchurch and Rangiora and we’ll do that maintenance work for you. Or, if you wish, you can choose from our extensive range of parts and do it yourself. This is a very affordable option for many of our clients - they pay for our good value parts and do the rest themselves.

There are a lot of indicators to tell you your bike needs to be checked and serviced. Some of the most common signs include: 

  • Clicking or grinding noises from the gears suggest they need to be adjused.
  • If your chain falls off the sprocket (it shouldn’t) your derailleurs require adjustment.
  • A squeaky chain can be a sign it needs lubrication. Be sure to use lubricants especially made for bikes. General-purpose lubricants can damage the components on your bike.
  • If your brakes don’t work smoothly and quietly, with just a short pull on the lever, they need to be looked at immediately. 
  • Strange noises you haven’t noticed before should be checked as soon as possible - it could indicate something serious is about to happen.

In between maintenance and servicing sessions, you can check your wheels are straight, and lubricate the brake levers, derailleurs and cables - again, be sure that you use products made just for bikes. Check all the bolts, including those in the crank, seat post, handlebars, stems, brakes and gears are tight. And inspect the bike frame and components for any dents, cracks or scratches - it’s a good idea to do this while giving your bike a thorough clean.

Remember, we have the best range of bike parts in New Zealand if you want to handle your own maintenance and servicing. Whether you DIY or ask us to do it for you, taking better care of your bike is a very shrewd investment of your money and your time.

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