Introducing the Highly Anticipated 2023 Rocky Mountain Element

Introducing the Highly Anticipated 2023 Rocky Mountain Element

Exciting news for mountain bikers! The long-awaited arrival of the new 2023 Rocky Mountain Element has finally come. As an authorized dealer, we are thrilled to announce that we have received the entire stock of this highly sought-after bike for the season in NZ. Even better, following the pre-sales, we still have some stock available. However, quantities are limited, so if you want to secure the ultimate down-country mountain bike experience, you'll need to act fast. Keep reading to discover why we believe the Rocky Mountain Element is one of the most versatile mountain bikes on the market.

The Versatile Downcountry Weapon

2023 Rocky Mountain Element

The Rocky Mountain Element has established itself as a popular choice with mountain bikers, delivering exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you're seeking a high-speed cross-country machine, a nimble trail companion, or a downcountry bikepacking bike, the Element excels in all disciplines. Its dynamic capabilities make it suitable for a range of riding styles and terrains, ensuring an exciting experience on every adventure.

Improved Design

2023 Rocky Mountain Element

Drawing inspiration from its predecessors, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Element has undergone significant improvements. One standout aspect of the Element is its well-proportioned dimensions, which address some of the shortcomings found in other bikes. The rear travel has been increased to 120mm, the platform has been redesigned around a 130mm fork, and the geometry has been completely overhauled. Notably, the head tube is now 4.5° slacker, at 65 degrees, reach numbers are substantially longer, the seat tube angle has been steepened, and the wheelbase has been lengthened. The Element features a flip-chip system with four positions, allowing riders to adjust the geometry to suit their preferences. These transformative modifications elevate the Element from a traditional XC race bike to a more progressive and capable machine, offering enhanced performance and versatility.

Ride Performance

2023 Rocky Mountain Element

The new Rocky Mountain Element excels in climbing with its low weight, improved kinematics, and steep seat tube angle. It is highly efficient and performs exceptionally well on technical climbs. It offers great traction and comfort, making it one of the top choices of bikes for seated climbing on any down country bike. The balanced and responsive nature of the Element, along with its well-distributed weight, allows riders to tackle challenging terrain with confidence.

On descents, the Element provides a trail-like experience and showcases its capability on rough or choppy terrain. Despite sharing similarities in dimensions with other bikes, it stands out as a versatile option. It plows through technical trails with ease and inspires confidence, especially through steeper turns and sections. It strikes a good balance between making flatter trails fun and tackling more challenging terrain. The Element's ability to keep the weight down while providing ample tracking and support makes it a standout performer in various situations.

Overall, the Rocky Mountain Element proves to be a versatile and capable mountain bike. It suits riders who seek a bike that can handle technical trails, steep descents, and fast-paced riding while maintaining a lightweight and efficient design. However, if your main focus is on livening up flat trails, the Element's capabilities might exceed what you need.

Build Kit

2023 Rocky Mountain Element

The 2023 Rocky Mountain Element is available in two options: the C50 and C70. The C70 model is scheduled to be released in May 2023. Both options feature Rocky's SMOOTHWALL™ full Carbon frame and rear triangle, equipped with the innovative RIDE-4™ Adjustable Geometry and Suspension Rate system. The specifications differ between the two models.

The C70 boasts a complete Shimano XT 12-speed build kit, WTB ST i27 Light tubeless rims, a RaceFace Turbine R dropper, and a Fox Performance Elite fork and shock. On the other hand, the C50 receives a slightly downgraded setup, including the Fox Performance suspension, Shimano SLX Brakes, Chain and Cassette, a Rocky Mountain Toonie Dropper, and a RaceFace Aeffect Crankset. A comprehensive list of specifications can be found below.


2023 Rocky Mountain Element

In conclusion, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Element is a game-changer in the world of mountain biking. With its exceptional versatility, improved design, and impressive ride performance, it stands out as a top choice for riders seeking an exhilarating down-country experience. The Element's transformative modifications, including increased rear travel, redesigned platform, and revamped geometry, elevate its performance to new heights. It effortlessly conquers climbs with its low weight, enhanced kinematics, and steep seat tube angle, while delivering a comfortable and efficient seated climbing experience.

On descents, the Element shines with its trail-like performance, effortlessly plowing through rough and choppy terrain. It strikes a perfect balance between tackling technical trails and making flatter trails enjoyable. The bike's balanced and responsive nature, coupled with its well-distributed weight, ensures riders can confidently navigate challenging terrain. Additionally, the Element's build kit options, including the C50 and C70 models, provide riders with the choice of premium components and innovative features.

However, it's important to note that the 2023 Rocky Mountain Element is in high demand and available in limited quantities. As the exclusive stockist for this season in NZ, we advise interested riders to act quickly to secure their order. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of the most sought-after mountain bikes of the year and embark on unforgettable adventures with the 2023 Rocky Mountain Element. Place your order today and get ready to elevate your mountain biking journey to new heights.

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