Maxxis Crossmark II

Guest blog by Ben Oliver
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Over the past 6 weeks, I have been putting the new Maxxis Crossmark II tyres through their paces.

The tread pattern has changed considerably from the original Crossmark tyres, with improvements made for better cornering and grip whilst still being fast rolling. This part of the MTB season is all about an endurance base and these tyres have been great for all the training, including The Old Ghost Road both ways, Port hills, Wharfedale and more.

The original Crossmarks always felt a bit sketchy when pushing hard around corners but with these new ones, I feel really comfortable and haven’t been able to find their limit. Over rocky or rooty terrain, they have much better traction with the ramped centre knobs. I have rode with them in all weather conditions and found out that they are more suited for loose to dry conditions but hold up well in the wet for a confident rider.

I definitely recommend these tyres for all round XC riding and racing during the summer months check them out for yourself in Pushbikes.

The Good: This tyre is in its element cornering and in a straight line.
The Bad: The weight of the tyre is getting up there if used as a XC race tyre.
The Bottom Line: Great all around XC tyre that you can have confidence with wherever you go.

- Ben

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  • Hi Chris, the Crossmark II certainly sound like it would fit the bill. You could also have a look at the Ardent which is a little more agressive, however, you will compromise rolling resistance for the grip. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for solid all around testing review on these. I’m looking to replace my 3 year old racing ralphs. I’m not a racer and am looking for a come confident tire in rocky/root/loose over hard conditions. I’m not afraid to take on a bit more weight. I mainly ride in dry, hardpack, but the trails do loosen up to gravel and sand. Do you think the Crossmark II fits the bill or do you have any other recommendations?


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