Just In - NiteRider Lights for 2016

There's not much summer left, with the past few days being somewhat dark and rainy here in Christchurch. Those long and hot after-work rides will be coming to an end soon, unfortunately. But, blasting through the hills at night is a totally different experience, so it's still fun to ride through winter (for a while, at least).

This year, we'll be stocking NiteRider. They've been making bike lights for decades now and have established themselves a reputation of quality-made, reliable lights. And now, they're available to New Zealand.

We have a complete range from the $30 blinker to the 1800 lumen trail light. Let's take a look.

Staying Visible

The Stinger and Lightning Bug are bright, inexpensive, battery operated lights for $30 each. They're showerproof, and bright enough to keep you visible to others. They're good for people commuting on well-lit streets where you don't need a proper headlight.

Commuting in the Dark

For commuting in the early morning or evening, these are suitable headlights. These are USB powered, so just take it off and plug into your computer at work when they get low. If you're on a road bike, consider one of these as you're likely cruising at a high-speed and need to see what's in front of you.


Trail Lights

For proper night riding, there's the Pro 1800 Race and the Pro 1400 Race, the number being the output in lumens.

For most people, the 1400 is plenty of light for a proper ride in the Port Hills. You'll get 2 hours at the full 1400 lumens. The 1800 offers full power for 1.5 hours. The nice thing about NiteRider is that both the lumens and battery estimates are realistic, if not even a tiny bit conservative. I've had an 1800 for a couple years and it'll still do full-power for just about 1.5 hours.

The 1400 and 1800 come with everything you need, including a long extension cable, helmet mount and handlebar mount.

Stop by the store to see them in person.

See NiteRider.com for specific details.

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