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POC released their first mountain bike helmet, the Trabec, a few years ago. Focusing on safety and emphasising design, the Trabec provided a lot more coverage than most helmets of its day, making it somewhat of a pioneer in high-end mountain helmets.

I bought a Trabec a few years ago and wore it for years. It was well-made and super comfortable, never letting sweat into my eyes and having okay venting for that type of helmet. It was great. When the new Tectal became available, I figured I'd replace the old Trabec and try something new.

Here's my impression after riding it for a month.

Fit and Sizing 

They've greatly improved their sizing for the Tectal. There's now a little more overlap in sizes. My old Trabec was a size XL/XXL because I was right in between that and the M/L, but the new Tectal in M/L fits my big bobble-head noggin' really well. The Tectal feels like it rides lower than the Trabec and doesn't look as big. The rear adjustment and chin strap is a lot better and more comfortable than the Trabec. I was surprised that the new Tectal would feel that much better than the Trabec, but it does. Overall, the Tectal feels excellent.


Better venting - I could actually feel a bit of wind in my hair with the Tectal on, never felt that with the old Trabec. POC took what they learned when making the awesome Octal road helmet and applied it to the Tectal (hence the similar name and style).

Better adjuster and chin strap - The old Trabec chin strap sometimes slipped, the Tectal stays tight and feels better and is easier to adjust.

Adjustable and removable visor - Loosen a few screws and the visor easily comes off, instead of feeling like you're going to break plastic clips. Without the visor, it looks pretty similar to the Octal and could pass for a road helmet.

RECCO reflector - The RECCO system is a technology you see a lot in skiing where people get trapped under avalanches. The Tectal includes a built-in RECCO reflector that helps Search and Rescue locate your corpse.

Goggle compatibility with strap holder at the back (Tectal Race only) - If you're pro like that.

Aramid fibers (Tectal Race only) - These fibers are integrated throughout the shell and help keep it together, making it better for multiple impacts like when you're rag-dolling down some rocky ledge.


It's a great helmet and definitely worth the money. Check them out here and feel free to stop in to try one on.

The regular Tectal comes in 4 colours.

 The Tectal Race comes in 3 different two-tone colours.

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