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It's Christmas time again and you have no idea what to get the cyclists in your life. It's tough for non-cyclists to buy gifts for cyclists, having no clue what we want or already have. "Oh, a phone mount for my handlebars. Thanks nana."

Of course it's the thought that counts, but it's cool getting stuff you'd really use. To help people surprise their two-wheeled loved ones with sweet gifts, we've created this guide. This is basically a list of things we'd want and should be good for everyone.

Under $25

License to Ride $7.49 - Covers trails through New Zealand. Bike enthusiasts from around the country share their tales and favourite local and oversea rides.

Trax NZ Microfibre Map $19.99 - These are great. They're MTB trail maps made of soft microfibre. Wipe you face with them, clean your phone's screen, and don't get lost doing it! Available in 3 versions: Port Hills, Craigieburn and Hanmer Springs.

Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter $19.99 - A good gift for road cyclists, good chamois cream is always an easy gift.

Rock n Roll Gold Lube $24.99- The Gold stuff is good for both MTB and road. It's sort of in between a wet and dry lube and runs super quiet. Consumables, like lube, are usually a good gift as they're always needed.

Enve Pint Glass $24.99 - Enve makes high-quality carbon rims, stems, bars and bits. Your cyclist will know what it is and think you're cool for getting it for them. Can't go wrong.

Under $50

Summer Socks up to $44.99 - Cyclists like good socks, one that breathes well on these warm summer days. If your cyclist is wearing white cotton socks, you need to intervene with a good pair of summer socks. Available in different colours and styles.

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair 3rd Edition $44.99 - This is the updated BBB-3 with 11-speed stuff, Di2 and all the modern drivetrain standards. If your cyclists enjoys wrenching on bikes, this is a good buy.

Under $100

Chris King Cup & Saucer $54.99 - When it comes to high-quality hubs and headsets, Chris King is the best and everyone loves coffee. They're made by Inker in Croatia, a company known for their quality.

Juice Lubes Citrus Degreaser $59.99 - Bikes get dirty and citrus degreaser is the best. It's strong enough for drivetrains but gentle enough for general cleaning. Comes with 1 concentrated bottle and 1 pre-mixed spray bottle. It'll last quite a while.

Feedback Rakk $74.99 - The best way to display everything from road bikes to downhill bikes. We use them throughout the store (have about 100 of them) and they work great. They're an easy way to store multiple bikes on the ground without hanging and leaning on stuff.

Big Gifts

Feedback Pro Ultralite Work Stand $329 - This is a big purchase, but a safe one as it's easy to know if your cyclist already has a workstand or not. Anyone who works on their bike would appreciate a workstand and Feedback makes good ones.

Garmin Edge 520 Bundle $599 - Another big purchase, but well worth it. Just look at your cyclist's bike and see if they have a good GPS device. If they don't have a Garmin, they'd love one. The 520 is the updated version of the popular 510, pretty much the gold standard in cycling GPS.

Gift Vouchers

Pushbikes Gift Vouchers can be made for any amount, are good for a year and can maintain a balance (could use a $100 voucher for multiple smaller purchases). If you're still unsure of what to get them, you can never go wrong with a voucher.


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