Bike Safety for Young Riders

Bike Safety for Young Riders

Learning how to be safe on a bike is an important step in becoming a young cyclist. We’ve thought about the guidelines for bike safety kids and have put together the important learning steps and preventative measures you can take to ensure safe riding.

Bike Size

Too often do we see bikes that young riders have outgrown. Riding a bike with a frame too small for you can cause a number of potential hazards. Bike manufacturers spend a lot of time and research creating a riding position that is comfortable and safe. Riding a frame too small for you can change the weight distribution of the rider. For example, breaking hard going downhill will cause the mass to be thrown forwards and if the rider is too big for the frame they are more likely to be propelled over the handlebars. The components of a bike are also suited to the intended size and maximum weight of the rider. The components could be insufficient for a rider that is too big or heavier than intended. Too small and a rider may not be able to reach the brakes or pedals comfortably. The general rule of thumb is as your child is sitting on their seat, they should be able to place both feet on the ground.

Safety Equipment

New Zealand has one of the most rigorously enforced and successful all-age mandatory bicycle helmet laws in the world. Wearing a helmet and highly-visible clothing should be one of the first things your child thinks about when hopping onto a bike. Helmets are a protective tool, so ensuring these fit well and are fastened correctly is essential.

Riding Partners

Keep young cyclists safe by accompanying them on rides. Keep them within sight and away from roads, vehicles and heavily pedestrianised areas. As your children grow older they will want to cycle without mum and dad more often. Sending children out with a riding partner, in the shape of a sibling or friend is recommended. This way, in the case of an accident they have each other. When they get older still they may need to cycle on roads on their way to school. 

Bike Maintenance & Repair

Before cycling, always check the chain, brakes and tyres on a bike. Any damage to these components, in particular, can cause dangerous outcomes. Don’t put off repairs any longer. For a full service, take your bike to Pushbikes store so we can check the safety and functionality of your bike.

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