Focus 2021 JAM² eMTB with the New Bosch Motor

Focus 2021 JAM² eMTB with the New Bosch Motor

The new 2021 Focus JAM² arrived in store a couple of weeks back and is nearly sold out already.

The JAM² is FOCUS’s trail orientated eMTB equipped with the brand-new Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 motor. FOCUS is one of the first brands to feature the new motor which boasts an impressive 85nm of power.

The JAM² newly designed battery is neatly integrated into the downtube and now features 625 Wh of power. This allows for an impressive range of 75km using all 4 power levels, or up to 203km on eco mode.

Focus 2021 Jam2 6.8 Nine eMTB
Focus 2021 Jam2 6.8 Nine eMTB

The Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit is the power benchmark among the motors. Its a super powerful motor with an extremely natural ride feel and easy modulation in eMTB mode. This is the most powerful drive from Bosch weighing just 2.9 kg and has been reduced in size by almost 50%, over previous models.

With 150 mm of travel both front and back, plus 27.5+ wheels, the JAM² will climb every mountain – and do it in style. With modern, agile and aggressive geometry you will have just as much fun out on the trail as with a non electric MTB. Thanks to the flip-chip and lots of tyre clearance on the swing arm, the frame can accept 27″, 27.5+ and 29″ wheels.

The fully built JAM² 6.8 weighs just 23.13 kg which is very impressive considering the beefed-up components and bigger battery. The 6.8 model features a Kiox colour display which gets attached to the stem magnetically and can also be connected to your smartphone via the new Bosch eConnect app.

The charging port is integrated into the top tube, well away from dirt and water and within easy reach.

Focus 2021 Jam2 6.8 Nine eMTB
Focus 2021 Jam2 6.8 Nine eMTB

Key differences between the models

The main difference between the 6.7 and 6.8 models comes down to the specifications or components. Both models feature Bosch's new Performance CX Gen4, 85 Nm, 250 W motor, so rest assured.

Focus 2021 Jam2 6.7 Nine eMTB

The 6.7 is equipped with Shimano SLX 12 speed, RockShox Recon RL and Deluxe Select suspension which will be more than plenty for most riders.

Focus 2021 Jam2 6.8 Nine eMTB

The 6.8 gaining better gearing through a Shimano XT 12 speed drivetrain, and beefed-up suspension with Fox's 34 Float Rhythm and DPS Performance shock.


Focus 2021 Jam2 6.8 Nine eMTB

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  • The 6.8 Plus is a fantastic bike that has exceeded all my expectations.
    Thanks to Jono and the guys at the Papanui store.

    Pat Towse

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