Zwifts Ven Top Route

Zwifts Ven Top Route

Professional riders are underway racing on a virtual Mont Ventoux and Champs Elysées in two new Zwift worlds for an online Tour de France. The digital version of the Tour consists of six stages, taking place on weekends throughout the originally scheduled dates. 

With the release of the virtual tour, Zwift unveiled two brand new worlds.

  • France, consisting of eight routes including Zwifts Ven Top Route, a replica of Mont Ventoux consisting of 1539.2m of climbing over 20.75km.
  • Paris, home to two routes, both of which traverse a digital replica of the real-world Champs-Élysées.

Zwifts Ven Top Route

Currently, the new worlds are for events-only, with few Zwifters allowed access into these. 

However, if you're itching to ride these new worlds there is a not so secret hack to get into these worlds which is heavily featured on the Zwift forums. 

If you're running Zwift on a PC or mac then inside of the Zwift folder under documents will be a MapSchedule XML file. This contains a 2-month schedule of the worlds, including the dates when they will open in the game. By adjusting these in a text editor you can change which worlds are brought upon opening.

For a full rundown check out the video below.

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