How to pack a bike into a box

Boxing your bike

Travelling with your bike? Here's how to pack and ship your bike.

At some stage, your adventures will take you further afield and you'll need to travel with your bike. You have one of two packing options, you can either pack your bike into a box or use a bike bag.

Boxing your bike

Boxing your bike is the most cost effective way, but not when it comes to time. The process is time consuming given that you'll need to wrap and protect your bike before placing this into the box. Remembering that you'll need to also un-pack this at the other end, then re-pack again for the trip home.

Make sure you plan ahead, we receive shipments of bikes weekly and are happy to help customers out by supplying them with a box before the recycling truck arrives. Make sure you ask us for some packaging also as this will make your job easier and help protect your bike better. All we ask is for a gold coin donation to our shop ride beer fund.

If you're struggling for time we offer a bike packing service, we'll professionally pack your bike into a box for you. This way you know for certain it's well protected.

LIV cycling has created a comprehensive video explaining step by step how to pack a bike into a box.

Packing a Bike

Using a bike bag.

If your travelling with your bike often, it makes sense to use a bike bag. These are more time efficient allowing you to simply place and secure your bike into the bag. You can either purchase one of these outright or hire one each time you need to.

The Evoc bike bag is one of the most rated on the market, it will fit practically any bike, is under 25kg in weight (including bike) so it can be classed as additional baggage. They fit everything from road and triathlon bikes to 29er XC and DH bikes.

Evox Bike Bag



  • Hi maximo malihan, you can get a box from our stores at any time. All we ask is for a donation to or local charity. Thanks

  • i want to buy a box to my mountain bike and plan to send it to the philippines,,can i know how can i buy your item…

    maximo malihan

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