Rocky Mountain 2017 MTB - Now Available!

We'd like to proudly announce that we will be stocking Rocky Mountain's 2017 range of mountain bikes. Some are already here and built up. We're happy to offer them as a premium option to you guys.

Rocky Mountain has been developing bikes in British Columbia's famous North Shore for 35 years. They've earned themselves a solid reputation and offer a wide variety of bikes. Everything from the classic XC bike and trail bike to more niche stuff, like 27.5+ and the reemergence of the 29er as a more aggressive trail bike.

We'll be stocking the popular carbon bikes with certain models available via special order. This first shipment of Rockys was very limited, but there are more coming later in October.

The Bikes

Most bikes feature Rocky's RIDE-9 system, which allows you to change the geometry. Read about it here.

A quick note on the model numbers. The first number is the wheel size and the next two are the spec, with the higher number being a higher spec.


Your all-around trail bike. With 130/140mm travel, it's the 29er for everything mountainy. Both the 950 MSL (photo) and less expensive 930 MSL models will come spec'd with the Fox 34 and higher volume shock. This will be the go-to model.


The fat one. New for 2017, the Pipeline 750 MSL is the 27.5+ aggressive trail bike with 130/150mm travel. With 2.80" tyres and the 150mm Yari RC up front, this bike should plow through just about everything. This is the ONLY Pipeline in New Zealand until October.


This is the 27.5" XC/Trail bike with 120/130mm travel. 2017 will see a lot of bike makers shifting their XC bikes more towards trail and the Thunderbolt 730 MSL is right there with a more playful bike less concerned with XC racing.

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