New Giant Roost and Rail helmets for 2017

Giant have released a new lower priced Roost trail helmet and a new MIPS version of the popular Rail helmet for the coming season.

Giant Roost Helmet

Giant Roost pictured above, $139. Coveta women's version also available.

Giant Rail Helmet

Giant Rail pictured above, $199.

Both helmets are trail-specific designed featuring extended rear coverage, an AirFlow ventilation system, Giants Cinch Pro™ fit system, and a removable, moto-style extended protection side-snap visor. Pictured above, Coveta and Roost.

Giant Lumen Tail Light

What's a great addition to the Roost and Coveta helmets is the integrated magnetic dock to fit the Giant Numen Link tail light which sells for $44.99

The new version of last year's popular Rail helmets now adds MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), for added protection against rotational forces in crashes. Otherwise, the Rail stays the same as an impressively light and well-ventilated trail helmet.

Giant Rail MIPS

What is MIPS? MIPS is a patented brain protection system developed to reduce the rotational violence from angled impacts that can cause strain to the brain. MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system inside the skull by adding a low-friction layer between the head and helmet. A helmet with MIPS can absorb more energy from an angled impact.

There have been come great reviews on both helmets over at and

Both these helmets are in stock at our bike shop at 501 Papanui Road, Christchurch.


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