Rocky Mountain Growler 2021

Rocky Mountain Growler 2021

"Push those pedals, hold the line, and enjoy what feels like infinite traction across rough terrain. The Growler is an incredibly capable hardtail that makes short work out of technical climbs, is ready to rail corners, and smooth out uneven ground."

Most recreational bikes or hardtails normally get left out of the latest geometry trends that continue to evolve at the higher end of the market.

Slacker geometry, meaning slacker head angles with a steeper seat tube gives riders more confidence with increased pedaling efficiency. This trend has seen many manufacturers release bikes with less suspension travel, giving riders a more confident but efficient bike, know as progressive geometry.

Rocky Mountain Growler 2021

The Rocky Mountain Growler 2021 has just been released into the NZ market, starting from $1499 or $1699 for adults. All featuring progressive geometry, internally routed cables, thru-axles with the latest components.

More on the geometry which is what the Growler is all about. With its designs, it is firmly 'progressive'. Equipped with 29-inch wheels, a 64-degree head angle and a 75-degree seat-tube angle. The Growler 40 comes fitted with a 140mm Suntour Radion fork, which features LOR Air Boost making it one of the slackest, longest hardtail we've seen.

Rocky Mountain Growler 2021

The drivetrain is Shimano's new Deore 12 Speed, matched with the MT-4100 hydraulic brake.

Rocky Mountain Growler 2021

With no rear suspension, the 2.6-inch wide tyres will take the harshness out of the ride. Running these as low as 18psi, will hit the spot without bottoming them out.

The aluminium-frame is stiff, allowing you to hold lines and gain good traction across rough terrain. It’s a hardtail too, so completely robust.

Rocky Mountain Growler 2021

Rocky’s longer, slacker geometry, fitted with wide trail tyres, make it possible to rail corners and smooth out uneven ground.

This is certainly the bike to buy if you don't have the budget for a full suspension.


The Growler is offered in 2 models, the Growler 20 and 40 both using 29" wheels, with kids 26" and 24" wheeled versions.

Rocky Mountain Growler 40

Growler 40

The Growler 40 is the top-spec model featuring a 6061 Alloy frame using aggressive and progressive geometry, 2.6 wide tyres, boost 148mm spacing, internal cables, 140mm front fork, and Shimano's new Deore 1x12 speed drivechain.

Rocky Mountain Growler 20

Growler 20

Build using the same platform as the Growler 40 featuring more affordable component specification's, including, 130mm front fork, Shimano's robust Deore 1x10 speed drivechain and Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Brakes.

Rocky Mountain Growler JR 24

Growler JR 24

Featuring much the same specifications as its slightly bigger 26" brother, The Growler Jr 24 comes complete with the same 1x drivetrain to keep things simple, 2.6 wide tyres to help smooth out the bumps.

Rocky Mountain Growler JR 26

Growler JR 26

Not your typical “big wheel”, the Growler Jr comes ready with everything you need to hit the trails. Trail performance geometry with a slack 66-degree progressive geometry, big 2.8 wide tyres for grip, 100mm of travel to keep you out of trouble and a simple Shimano 1x10 drivechain.

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