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After Brent Martin was crowned the 1986 Canadian MTB Champion, he founded Ryders Eyewear. His goal was simple—provide cyclists of all stripes with high-quality, performance-oriented eyewear that they wouldn’t hesitate to use, especially in the most destructive conditions.

Brent has remained actively entrenched in the cycling community, for the past 30 years Ryders have stayed true to Brent’s vision.

Ryders Eyewear

Ryders continue to design, develop and test their products in their own backyard, ensuring that every piece stands up to the treacherous nature of the north shore. If it meets the demands of biking in this region, it will easily perform for almost any other athletic endeavour.

Ryders eyewear is packed full of technology, using the same material that is used in bulletproof glass and astronaut helmets. It is then injected into moulds that are perfectly formed for optical clarity, mitigating any concerns of shattering on impact.

All frame options are available in the following Lens options

  • Standard - the foundation of all their lenses
  • antiFOG - the fog-fighting lenses you've always wanted
  • veloPOLAR - the benefits of polarised lenses fine tuned for cycling
  • POLARIZED - to eliminate glare
  • PHOTOCHROMIC - lighten and darken automatically.

    Ryders are proud supporters and official sponsors of the Christchurch Bike Park. All staff have been fitted out with them, and they'll be on sale there also.

    Ryders Eyewear Thorn

    To celebrate where giving away a pair of the new Thorn Poly glasses worth $89.99. Enter at http://ow.ly/nPPw3057UMM


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