Why Maestro Suspension Is Superior

Why Maestro Suspension Is Superior

When you buy a great mountain bike, you buy a whole lot of features and technology. For example, the Giant 2021 Trance Advanced mountain bikes is a world-class collection of world-beating features. It’s perfection on wheels as far as we’re concerned because of all the awesome things that go into it.

One of those things is Giant’s Maestro suspension on the Giant 2021 Trance Advanced mountain bike, and other models. Regardless of the type of off-road terrain you prefer to ride,  Maestro offers you every single benefit of pure suspension performance including control, traction, comfort, and speed. This is ingrained into our fast and efficient XC bikes right through to long-travel downhill machines. Maestro’s adaptable full-suspension platform will give you  smooth, active rear suspension for all types of trails and conditions, and these are the key performance factors to look out for:

  • Pedalling Efficiency. Riders of Giant bikes the world over talk about Maestro Suspension’s ability to perform consistently under pedalling power without compromising efficiency. This is evident regardless of sprinting up a climb or hammering through rocky terrain.
  • Complete Suspension Activity. This refers to Maestro Suspension’s ability to handle the full spectrum of impacts you’ll encounter on every trail, be it high-frequency trail vibrations to big-hit compressions.
  • Total Brake Independence. Even when your bike is under full-braking force, Maestro Suspension stays active and gives you superior control.

Remember, Maestro Suspension is just one of the features built into Giant bikes. On its own, it is awesome. In combination with other things, it turns a bike into a world-beater. That’s why we encourage you to be fussy about the bikes you’re looking at investing in. Check out the features and technology, and take a little time to do some research on your own. And don’t be afraid to ask bike retailers for their thoughts. The good ones are riders themselves and fully appreciate how all the parts come together. It will also give you a chance to see if they know their stuff. 

A good mountain bike - or any other type of bike for that matter - shouldn’t be cheap and nasty. It should be a great investment in quality parts, design and construction - and include world-class technology. That’s why we ask you to be fussy when choosing your new bike. You’ll enjoy a much better ride, have more fun, and your investment will last a heck of a lot longer. We’re as fussy as you are when it comes to great bikes so get in touch with us and ask us to help you find the very best. We’ll make the process as smooth as a ride on that renowned Maestro Suspension.

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