Ride With Giants

Ride With Giants

The Giant Anthem is an awesome name in mountain biking. It’s the bike for serious riders. Take the 2021 Anthem Advanced Pro 29, for example. This is for pros...or for those with an all-consuming passion for mountain biking. It’s a fully composite XC bike combining trail-smoothing Maestro suspension with the extra stability and control of progressive 29er geometry. As far as mountain bikes go, it’s at the top of the pile.

Of course, Giant has made its name beyond the mountain bike trails of New Zealand, and the rest of the world. This Taiwnanese manufacturer has also captured the market with their street bikes, road racing bikes, cross bikes, electric bikes, and kids bikes, and is now regarded as the biggest bike brand on the planet. They’ve reached this lofty status through the volumes of sales; by 2018, Giant had sold bikes in more than 12, 000 retail stores in over 50 countries, and total annual sales in 2017 reached 6.6 million bicycles with revenue of nearly three billion dollars. But why does Giant leave other bike companies in the dust with their sales? Two words; innovation and technology.

In many ways, Giant is just like a professional rider. They just keep pushing and pushing to get better. Here are a few ways Giant have done that:

  • In 1987, Giant introduced the CADEX carbon fibre road bike to the world becoming the first bicycle maker to apply computer-aided design and volume production techniques to the production of carbon fibre road bikes.
  • Ten years later, Giant introduces the world's first Compact Road frame in a road racing bike, as ridden by the ONCE ProTour team. With the revolutionary sloping toptube and a compact rear triangle, the new design increases rigidity, improves handling and reduces weight. ONCE rider Joseba Beloki rides the Giant Total Compact Road to two Tour de France podiums.
  • In 2010, Giant wins a Eurobike Award for the fourth consecutive year. CityStorm (2007), CitySpeed (2008), Accend (2009), and MIO and Twist Esprit (2010) are all recognized by the International Forum Design group for innovation in design. 
  • In 2013,  Giant becomes the first major bike maker to introduce a full lineup of off-road bikes with innovative 27.5 wheel technology which allows for similar acceleration of 26 inch wheels, but at the same time leans towards the smoother feel, extra stability and enhanced traction of 29 inch wheels.

These are just a few ways in which Giant has kept innovating and improving. This desire to keep giving their clients a better ride from one year to the next is one of the key factors why they’re so sought after. So, if you’re after a bike for any reason - to get to the office, or to get down a mountain bike trail as fast as you can - then contact us and ask about the Giant brand. 

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