New Giant Cycling Gear

New Giant Cycling Gear

Giant has just released new cycling gear that we think ticks all the boxes. The new Giant Airway bottle cage makes fitting a bottle cage even easier, in addition you can add the new Clutch tools as part of your trail tool kit. There is a new CADEX Classics Tyre in 32mm width, two brand new Dash GPS computers that sync into Giant/LIV branded e-bikes. Plus a new 800Wh E-Bike battery that can retrofit into your existing bike!

Giant Airway Sport Cage

Giant Airway Sport Sidepull Cage

The new Giant Airway bottle cage has a few tricks up its sleeve. Yes it holds your bottle securely, it's lightweight at 45 grams, and has an easy to use side entry. The two stand out features of this new cage is the compatible Clutch tool which can be added, and up to 30mm of adjustment in the redesigned cage bracket.

The 30mm of adjustment means the cage is ideal for full suspension, smaller frames, or electric bikes where bottle access can be challenging due to limited space. There are ways to get around this with the likes of a bottle cage adaptor, that allows you to reposition the cage lower on the frame to either fit 2 cages comfortably inside of the frame or position cages lower inside the frame to allow for bags. Now with this amount of adjustment offered from Giant's new Airway cage it eliminates the need for this and makes fitting it to your bike a breeze regardless of your setup.

The new Clutch tools are offered in a 9 function or 12 function option, and integrates cleanly to the Airway cage, similar to the PRO Smart Bottle Cage. This allows you to free up more room in your bag. More information below on the Clutch tool.

Giant Clutch Tool

Giant Clutch 9 & 12 Tool

Lightweight, firmly attached and quiet, the Nylon reinforced composite storage box integrates cleanly to the Giant Airway bottle cage, making the new Clutch tools easily accessible when you need it.

The new Clutch tools are offered in a 9 function or 12 function, both featuring a Chromium-vanadium steel body for durability. Both tools include all the necessary allen keys including an 8mm, a T25 for disc brake rotors bolts or the likes, and a flat head screwdriver. The 12 functions get the addition of a valve core tool, chain tool, spoke wrenches and disc brake pad tool. There is a slight weight difference of 30 grams for the 12 function at 75 grams.

Cadex Classics Tyre

Cadex Classics Tubeless Tyre

The CADEX Classics Tyre is a premium all-conditions road tubeless tyre that is the more robust version to the CADEX Race Tyre.

It's designed for long-distance, mixed surface conditions, and features a new ultra-grippy RR-S AR compound in what Cadex say is a “A superior tyre choice for the most demanding conditions”. It’s also equipped with a Race Shield+, which is a layer of proprietary Kevlar-based material over the tyre casing that is said to provide up to 34% more puncture protection without compromising on speed or ride quality.

Available in 25, 28 and 32mm widths, and weighs in at just 315 grams for the 28mm version. Compare that to my current choice of tubeless road tyres, the Maxxis High Road it is exactly the same weight.

With more tyre clearance being offered by frame manufacturers it is nice to see more 32mm options coming to market. I specifically fitted the Classics to my bike looking for more comfort as most of my rides are over 100kms, and sometimes deviate onto the gravel. Having ridden the Classics for nearly 500km now, I’m impressed with the grip and speed, they are outstanding descending on loose poor quality tarmac or in wet conditions. I also haven’t noticed any rolling resistance between moving from 28mm to 32mm widths.

Giant Dash GPS Computer

Giant Dash GPS Computers

Giant has just unveiled 2 brand new GPS computers in collaboration with Stages, the Dash M200 with a 2.2” screen and the larger Dash L200 boasting a 2.7” screen, both of which show up to 14 data values on each screen.

Setting up the new Dash is very straightforward, by downloading the Stages Cycling App using the QR code scan from the screen, you’ll answer a few questions, and then the Giant Dash will configure itself specifically for you. Certainly the most user friendly unit we’ve come across to date. The Smart Profile takes the mystery out of setting up the device for different bikes too, instead the unit will automatically connect to whichever sensors you have on your bike and configure the data fields for that specific experience. If you're needing more information about what's already there, then you can also customize the panels or pages where you like.

The Dash also connects to all Giant and Liv electric bikes via ANT+ to show motor mode, power assist output and battery life on the Dash 200 screen. Battery life is a claimed 10 hours while navigating a route and with one sensor connected, or 18 hours when not navigating.

Like most devices you can connect your phone, upload ride data to all your ride apps such as Strava or directly to the Stages. The device will quickly and easily pair with ANT+ or Bluetooth enabled devices such as power meters, smart trainers or smart lights. For a full list of functions, click here.

Giant Energypak 800

Giant 800Wh Electric Bike Battery

Just released, a brand new bigger integrated Energypak Smart 800Wh E-Bike battery, an upgrade over the current largest offering from Giant of 750Wh that we have seen in selected bikes this season.

The battery has identical dimensions to the current EnergyPak Smart 625 and 500, meaning it is compatible with many current Giant e-bike models and can even be retrofitted to older models with the help of an additional cover. Good news if your battery’s health has declined over the years or you're wanting more range. We’re guessing (and hoping) that this battery will be a standard specification for new electric bikes in the near future.

The new battery is equipped with advanced 22700 Panasonic cells, this number refers to the physical size of the lithium-ion cells. The system uses a total of 40 cells, the same as most E-bike batteries, but these larger cells have greater discharge capacity. They also run cooler, which means less stress on the system and a longer total lifecycle.

The new EnergyPak Smart 800 also marks the launch of Giant’s new CO2 neutral battery production. As part of its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of battery usage and production, Giant has taken a leadership position as the first manufacturer to use E-bike batteries from a CO2 neutral plant.

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