New Apidura VR Bikepacking Sizing Tool

New Apidura VR Bikepacking Sizing Tool

Apidura has just launched a new interactive sizing tool for their bike packing frame bags, making it easier to get that perfectly fitting bag. Choosing which bag setup you plan on using comes down to how much gear you're needing to take and how long the journey will be. Some frame packs are limited by smaller bike frame sizes or different bike geometries so it's important to get this right.

Apidura’s new visualizer tool gives you a visual view of how your bike will look setup, by allowing you to add bags to it to visually see and ensure that they fit inside your frame. If you’re wanting a quicker answer without using the new visualizer, you can now also select your bike brand and model from a pre-populated drop down menu to get a list of bags which will fit.

Both new tools take the guesswork out of finding which bag size you’ll need and is certainly better than using paper templates or multiple rulers.

Apidura VR sizing app

How does it work?

Using the new visualizer is simple and done on a device of your choosing, your computer, phone or tablet. I have tried this on both my laptop and phone with the laptop being easier given the bigger screen size. You’ll need to take a clean driveside photo of your bike, making sure to have the camera lens centered in the middle of the wheels and in the centre of the frame, so that your image is taken straight on and not from an angle.

Apidura VR sizing app

You’ll then need to choose your bike wheel size and upload the image into Apidura’s visualizer, once this is complete you’ll need to scale the photo by aligning the yellow circle between the rim and outside edge of the tyre to scale the photo for the sizing tool. Once this is confirmed, you can then add all of Apidura’s Expedition, Backcountry & Racing lines full or half frame bags to your bike to visually see the different sizes of each.

Apidura VR sizing app

The tool is such an easier way to ensure you get the best fitting bag into your frame by allowing you to visually see it and test the different sizes. Apidura’s older printed templates were great, but now with the new visualizer and online sizing guides it makes the process way easier.

Once you’ve decided on the new bag you can then confirm the setup and the sizer will give you your setup bag list.

Some drawbacks?

For now, the sizing tool is limited to Apidura’s frame packs only, which means if you're needing a seat mounted bag, handlebar bag or a feed bag then you can’t virtually try or see your entire bikepacking setup. Another factor is that not all bags brands are made the same size, I know for a fact that my Giant Revolt fitted an Revelate Designs frame pack better than Apidura’s just due to the size, and that is not something that you can ascertain from the app. I’m sure Apidura will continue to develop the sizing tool and we’ll see improvements and more bag choices soon enough.

Revelate Designs Bikepacking

If you are needing a more detailed example of gear lists for bikepacking trips then Apidura has a page called Kitgrid. This page aims to show you what riders pack and where they carry it on the bike and is extremely helpful.

We’ve also got a great video on building the ultimate bikepacking repair kit! Taking you through Richard’s complete bikepacking tool and repair kit that he swears by. You can check this out here.

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