Take Your Ride to the Next Level With a Mountain Bike From Pushbikes!

If you've ever felt the urge to leave the tarmac behind and venture into the wild, undulating terrains of New Zealand, there's never been a better time. 

Mountain biking has taken the world by storm, and mountain bikes in New Zealand are making waves in the community. 

Join us as we journey through the mesmerising trails and discover the beauty of mountain biking with Pushbikes.

The Magic of Mountain Biking

Imagine this: The sun's first rays are cutting through the morning mist, and you're atop a hill, looking down a trail that winds through dense forests, over bubbling streams, and past breathtaking vistas. 

There's a thrill to mountain biking that's unmatched. It is the adrenaline of the descent and the harmony of man, machine, and nature coming together.

Why Mountain Biking?

  • Adventure Awaits:

Unlike regular biking, mountain biking in New Zealand offers an opportunity to explore hidden trails, challenging terrains, and nature in its rawest form.

  • Total Body Workout: 

It's not just about the legs! Navigating through rugged terrains requires core strength, balance, and agility.

  • Community Connection: 

The mountain biking community is a passionate and welcoming one. Every ride is an opportunity to make new friends and share experiences.

Choosing Your Trusty Steed: Why Pushbikes Stands Out

We all know that the heart and soul of any biking adventure is the bike itself. 

And when it comes to mountain bikes in New Zealand, Pushbikes is a name that resonates with quality, durability, and innovation.

Unparalleled Quality

Having tried and tested multiple brands, our adventures with a Pushbikes mountain bike have always felt different – smoother gear transitions, reliable braking, and an overall comfortable ride.


Mountain trails in New Zealand are diverse – from sandy tracks to rocky paths. Pushbikes offers bikes that can handle everything. Ensure that you equip yourself for any challenge the trial throws.

Local Expertise

Pushbikes understands the unique terrain and demands of mountain biking in New Zealand. This local expertise means their bikes are tailor-made for our beautiful land.

Tips to Elevate Your Mountain Biking Experience

Now that you're considering embarking on this incredible journey, here are some tips to ensure your rides are nothing short of epic:

  • Stay Prepared: 

New Zealand's mountain terrain can be unpredictable. Always carry a repair kit and extra water, and inform someone about your trail route.

  • Join a Group: 

If you're a beginner, joining a local mountain biking group can offer guidance, camaraderie, and shared experiences. Plus, there's safety in numbers.

  • Respect the Trail: 

Let's preserve the beauty of our trails. Avoid skidding, don't litter, and always be cautious of other trail users.

Wrap Up!

Mountain biking is more than a sport; it's an experience and a way of life. And with mountain biking in New Zealand gaining popularity, there's no better time to start. 

Whether you're seeking adventure, fitness, or community, mountain biking offers it all. 


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