Why Pushbikes Is Christchurch’s Leading Bike Shop!

No cycling community can thrive and expand without a leading local bike shop. That is precisely the part Pushbikes has been playing for years in Christchurch. But at Pushbikes, we are not your regular local bike shop. 

Our Christchurch shop offers high-quality services and many products to cover all cycling needs. You will find everything you need, from quality bikes to tools and accessories, at our Christchurch bike shop. 

Here are some of the reasons behind our success:

Long Experience

Since we started in 2001, our goal has been to support the local cycling community. Over the years, we have expanded and continued to grow. Today, Pushbikes has cemented itself as a leading Christchurch bike shop. 

Our staff is proud of the skills and experience our team has gained throughout the years. At Pushbikes, you will always find the best brands, excellent service, and quality workmanship at our bike shop. 

That is the reputation we have built with our Christchurch customer base.

Passion for Bike Riding

As a local Christchurch bike shop, we do not just care about increasing sales. On the contrary, our mission has always been to bring the best products and valuable advice to support other bikers. 

This is because we enjoy cycling so much. That is why we want everyone in Christchurch to experience that, too.

By choosing our Christchurch bike shop, you can rest assured that you will leave with much more than just a bike. We offer non-sales-related tips and advice to help other bikers enjoy the ride. As a bike shop, we also want to give back to the community. 

That is why we support and run mountain bike races. We also have our own ‘Support Programme.’ It has helped many young riders, like Anton Cooper, rise through the ranks.

Objective Advice

At Pushbikes, we are an independent Christchurch bike shop. So, you can trust our bike experts to provide you with objective advice. In addition, our talented Christchurch staff is passionate about bike riding. 

They will understand your needs. Accordingly, we will advise you based only on what we believe in. Remember, sales are not our target. We care more about seeing others in Christchurch enjoy their bike rides. 

Best Price Guarantee

We commit to selling only the best products at competitive prices to our customers. So, let us know if you find the exact bike or part elsewhere at a better price. 

Then, just head to our Christchurch bike shop and speak to one of our friendly team. They can give you a great deal and match that price. 

Convenient Payment Options

Getting a premium bike should not leave you with empty pockets anymore. For the convenience of our Christchurch clients, we accept a wide range of payment types. You can use credit or debit cards. There are also excellent "buy now, pay later" options available. 

Make your ride more delightful with the right gear. Visit our Christchurch bike shop today!


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