What to Look for When Purchasing a Gravel Bike

Over the past few years, gravel bikes have been exploding in popularity. They are one of the most in-demand bikes in NZ and worldwide. The name suggests that gravel bikes and dirt roads go hand in hand.

With gravel bikes, you get to choose your adventure. You can ride these bikes off-road and enjoy the best gravel trails in New Zealand, away from traffic. Unfortunately, not all gravel bikes on the New Zealand market are equal.

Choose the right gravel bike for your needs to make your rides more enjoyable. Here are some of the main aspects to look for in quality gravel bikes:

Frame Material

You might find gravel bike frames in almost every material you can think of. However, carbon, steel, and aluminium are the most common materials used for these bikes.

Many reliable bicycle brands utilise these materials to cater to diverse preferences and budgets in the New Zealand market.

The frame material used for gravel bikes can make a significant difference. For example, aluminium bike frames are less expensive than carbon fibre ones. However, carbon frames are much lighter.

Steel, on the other hand, is heavier. Yet, steel frames make gravel bike rides feel much smoother. These frames are the most vibration-absorbing in the NZ market. In the end, it all comes down to your needs and budget.


On road bikes, you want smooth, narrow tyres that reduce resistance to the paved surfaces you ride on. This is not the case with gravel bikes. Contrarily, riders will usually ride these bikes on various surfaces in NZ. 

If you prefer riding on the rougher trails of New Zealand, go for tyres with more aggressive tread patterns. These offer gravel bikes more traction, keeping you stable on New Zealand's harsh, uneven dirt roads.


Riding off the road in New Zealand requires something stronger than rim brakes. That is why most reliable gravel bikes come with hydraulic disc brakes. They offer stronger braking with less effort. This will come in handy when riding through the rough terrain of NZ. Hydraulic disc brakes also self-adjust for pad wear.

Another option for gravel bikes is cable-actuated disc brakes. These types of brakes operate via a cable system. As the pads wear, they will need manual adjusting. However, they are more affordable than gravel bikes with hydraulic brakes.

At Pushbikes, we offer an extensive selection of gravel bikes to suit the needs of our NZ clients. All our gravel bikes come from highly respected brands, like Giant. That is how we guarantee the quality and reliability of our gravel bikes.

Our NZ gravel bikes suit all levels of fitness and all types of riders. Our experts can offer you professional advice if you are unsure which suits you best.

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