What to Look for in a Mountain Bike!

Shopping for mountain bikes can be exciting—the start of a wild journey through NZ's adventurous trails. However, choosing one can be overwhelming with all the mountain bikes on the New Zealand market today. 

When it comes to mountain bikes, no one model suits all needs. It all comes down to your personal riding preferences. 

The nature of the New Zealand trails you plan to take is also an essential factor to consider. As a start, here are a few necessary specs you need to look for in NZ mountain bikes:

Frame Material

Nowadays, bikes come in a wide variety of frame materials. Your chosen material will not affect the mountain bike's weight or durability. Frame material also has a direct effect on the bike's price. That is why you must carefully choose your NZ mountain bike's frame. 

Aluminium and carbon fibre are the most commonly used materials for mountain bikes in the New Zealand market. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. For example, aluminium frames are less expensive compared to carbon mountain bikes. However, they are also heavier.

On the other hand, carbon frames make mountain bikes lighter. As a material, carbon gives designers endless control over frame shapes and features. Yet, carbon frames increase the price of mountain bikes. 

Suspension System

The primary function of your bike's suspension system is to keep the wheels on the ground. With the rough nature of New Zealand trails, you can only imagine how critical suspension is to mountain bikes. 

Usually, it would help if you chose between full-suspension and front-suspension mountain bikes in NZ.

Full-suspension mountain bikes combine both a front suspension fork and a rear shock. These help mountain bikes absorb the impact and roughness of New Zealand trails. 

As a result, riding full-suspension mountain bikes will make you less tired. Even on the most challenging New Zealand trails, these mountain bikes will keep the ride smooth and comfortable. 

On the other hand, front suspension bikes come with only a suspension fork at the front. Yet, front-suspension mountain bikes are more budget-friendly. These bikes would be a better choice for travelling on less extreme New Zealand roads. 

Wheel Size

In the past, 26IN wheels were the standard for mountain bikes. Today, many mountain bikes in the New Zealand market have 25.7IN and 29IN wheels. In general, larger wheels have the advantage of carrying momentum better.

29IN wheels mountain bikes can roll smoothly over obstacles. They provide more traction. So, it depends on how much rough riding you plan to do across New Zealand tracks. 

At Pushbikes, we strive to provide our customers with the best selection of mountain bikes in NZ. Our knowledgeable team will gladly help you choose the most suitable mountain bike. They can also offer you a lot of valuable riding and maintenance advice. 

Take cycling on New Zealand's roads to the next level. Check out our mountain bike collection now!


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