Your Guide To Selecting the Best New Zealand Mountain Bike!

Buying a mountain bike nowadays can be a puzzling experience. Today, you will find various mountain bikes on the New Zealand market. However, no single mountain bike model can meet all of your needs. Therefore, you must decide how and where to ride your mountain bike in New Zealand. 

Here are some key elements that will guide you in your journey to find the best mountain bikes in New Zealand:

Wheel Size

The majority of adult mountain bikes in New Zealand are three-wheelers. The standard wheel size is 26 inches. New Zealand's first mountain bikes rode on these. 

As a result of their low weight, they can move quickly and easily. However, over the years, there has been a shift towards larger wheels in the mountain bike market. 

The 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheels are becoming increasingly popular among mountain bike riders. Mountain bikes with bigger wheels have better grip, can roll over obstacles better, and are easier to ride. That is why they are taking over. 

Also called "29ers," the 29-inch wheels carry more momentum. They roll fast with smooth stability over almost any type of ground. 

However, these large wheels weigh more than smaller ones and are harder to manoeuvre. The 29ers are ideal for cross-country and trail riding on mountain bikes throughout New Zealand.

You can go for 27.5-inch-wheel mountain bikes to get the best of both worlds. They are considered the perfect hybrid. On the one hand, they have some of the manoeuvrability and fun-to-drive nature of smaller wheels. 

But on the other hand, the 27.5-inch wheels are a great compromise between the 29ers' stability and comfort of riding.

Frame Material

NZ mountain bikes typically use carbon fibre, aluminium, steel, or a combination of these materials. The frame material you choose for your NZ mountain bike will affect its price, comfort level, and weight. 

Aluminium is a common material for contemporary mountain bike frames. It's incredibly light for how strong it is. Carbon fibre is yet another cutting-edge choice. 

One of its best features is that it's easy on the back because of how little it weighs. However, carbon fibre can crack with enough stress.

On the other hand, steel is strong and relatively inexpensive. However, it weighs more than the other materials. That's why it's not a standard component for most New Zealand mountain bikes. 

Bike Size

Choosing the right size for your New Zealand mountain bike is crucial. The size will determine your comfort level and ability to ride safely. 

The right mountain bike size should allow you to stand comfortably over the top tube. In addition, you should feel energised and relaxed while riding.

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