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Setting up your suspension can sometimes seem daunting. It's not just about getting the air pressure and rebound sorted, there are tokens, volume spacers, high and low-speed compression all to factor in nowadays.

Let's face it, even the best, most expensive bikes can ride like a piece of s#!t if not setup correctly.

We've written a step by step blog on setup, and also ensure all of our customers get this completed for them in store. How to Setup Suspension

Now there is an easier way that has just hit the market, ShockWiz. ShockWiz is an electronic gizmo that plugs into either your fork or shock. It will practically fit onto any air suspension system.


The ShockWiz works by analysing changes in pressure as you ride at around 100 times per second. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then provides set-up and tuning suggestions via a free app.


ShockWiz will tell you every way it thinks you can fix a problem. For example, if it detects you are bottoming out too much it will often tell you to add more pressure, more ramp, more HSC and more BOC.


A good 10-minute varied loop should be enough to start analysing your data, however, we'd recommend for more accurate results to ride your regular trails, preferably with both a climb and decent.

Nearly all of our team has tested the ShockWiz and found it be to extremely reliable and accurate. They've made changes to their setups and are pleased with the results.

The unit retails over $600 dollars, which is no small change. Luckily we've managed to get a couple of these into our rental fleet. For just $75 dollars you can rent out this gizmo, including a shock pump, free setup and explanation in store before you hit the trails. You can book this here.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated tuning recommendations.
  • Shock tuning score — a snapshot of how well your suspension is set up for you.
  • Works on hardtail and dual suspension bikes. Works for Cross Country, Trail, All Mountain and Downhill.
  • Inexpensive, replaceable CR2032 battery lasts for months.
  • Waterproof and dust proof — IP67 rating.
  • Two alternative hoses (included) offer a range of fitting options.
  • Smartphone app is compatible with Apple and Android phones.

    Essential Details

  • ShockWiz is designed for all mountain bike riders, regardless of your experience or bike’s intended use.
  • You can tune for every riding style: Efficient (pedalling), Balanced, Playful or Aggressive.
  • Advice for air pressure, spring rate, compression and rebound is displayed in the intuitive smartphone app.
  • In the box: ShockWiz hardware, two hoses, rubber mounting boot and zip ties.

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