eVox Electric Bike

eVox Electric Bike

E-Bikes have certainly blasted into the market in recent years, there seems to be no stopping the momentum they are gaining. They are opening up more possibilities for riders, both on and off road.

Which e-bike is the best? This depends on what your planning to tackle on it. The newest addition to our range is the eVox high-performance electric bicycle, designed for commuting or light use.

Four years of testing and design, eVox have developed their own proprietary propulsion system which is made in Canada! Guaranteeing an exceptional electric bicycle.

eVox Electric Bike

A simple, bright, high definition LCD screen is incorporated into the stem, displaying essential information to the rider. Security is paramount, using RFID keys to unlock the screen and key battery locks.

The bike can be operated in 3 different ways. Pedelec - assists while your pedalling. Freedom - controlled via a throttle on the handlebar. Cycling - just like a normal bike without any electrics. The drive system operates by a belt, making it one of the quietest on the market.

eVox Electric Bike

The bike is equipped with DynaMe's hi-torque 500w motor. 80 Nm of torque allows you to take on 15% gradients! It is controlled by 5 different power levels, aiding the rider to 32km.

The 520w 96-volt lithium battery will take just 80 minutes to charge, using eVox FAST technology. Has a range of up to 150km. The battery is removable, allowing for easing charging and security.

eVox Electric Bike

The frame is lightweight, has integrated front suspension and is well balanced. Both battery and motor are positioned in the middle, balancing the weight. There is one frame size, fitting basically any riders height. The step through design allows for easier mounting and dismounting, especially if you're wearing a skirt or suit.

There are 8 gears, providing enough selection for whatever terrain you come across. Mechanical disc brakes with a motor kill sensor to aid in stopping power. Full mudguards and carrier are standard accessories.

Come into our bike shop, 501 Papanui Road, Christchurch or 96 High Street, Gables Arcade, Rangiora and take one for a test, you'll be amazed.


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  • Hello, I have 2 Evox 520 batteries after the charge is complete the charger lights are solid Red and Green but they both only have 3 led blue lights on the the battery display .And die out faster than normal. . Thanks


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